Marine and Ship Spares Logistics

Specialist in handling time sensitive delivery service for ship spares and marine parts.

“door-to-deck” / “deck-to-door”

Ship Spares / Marine Logistics Solutions reacts as quickly as possible to the provision of Ship Spares and Marine Parts and well understand the importance of timely delivery.

Ship Spares Logistics Team having knowledge and expertise to handle the time-critical and highly complex business of ship spares logistics. Whether it’s an urgent shipment of a critical spare part, or the co-ordination of ship’s spares in transit, we know and understand exactly how these shipments need to be routed, documented, handled and dispatched to vessels to comply with the local customs regulations. Our specialized personnel hold vast experience in the specific industry and is always available to cover the demanding transport need of the maritime industry. We can advise transit times and the best mode of transport for your goods, collection from suppliers / airport terminals/Sea ports, efficient customs clearance, and delivery to the vessel alongside or anchorage as required.

Rio Logistics is one of the best “Ship Spares Logistics Solutions Provider” for ship spare clearance in Singapore and most importantly timely clearance and delivery of urgent incoming ship spares.

Rio Logistics offer Ship Spares Logistics solutions to their clients like Ship Owners, Ship Management, Ship Agency, Ship Stores/Chandlers and Marine Spares/Equipment Suppliers and Service providers.

Ship Spare Logistics Team focus on choosing right transport modes to match customers’ timing and cost concerns and takes responsibility for the entire supply chain for global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts on board delivery and offland spare “deck-to-door” services as well.

Another Time critical delivery concept – “Reverse Logistics”

Collect the offland spares from ship and transfer to local marine equipment service providers for repair/calibration etc services and thereafter connect back to the ship within duration of port stay before ship sail.

Ship Spare Logistics Team Capable of handling on board deliveries to Ship calling not only Singapore and major ports in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe etc..

Worldwide spares collection upon readiness from supplier:

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